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Gene Expression Profiling Siftware

Gene Expression Profiling Siftware

Siftware Team


Gene expression data is frequently of a high dimensional nature. Coupled with a small number of samples, this can make it hard to identify which genes are important for the development of a disease classification model. Here, a software package is presented which is designed to help the user to visualise, analyse and model this data.

Siftware Main Interface.
fig 1. Siftware Main Interface

Gene Expression Profiling Siftware

This software breaks the problem down into 3 stages: Visualisation. This section includes 3D visualisation and Principal Component Analysis Data analysis. This section includes several dimension reduction mechanisms, Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) and correlation coefficient analysis. It also contains several clustering algorithms, K-means clustering and Hierarchical clustering.

Signal to Noise Ratio.
fig2. Signal to Noise Ratio

Modeling and discovery. This section includes cross validation for modelling and feature selection in an unbiased way including the essential cross validation module from NeuCom project. The available methods are: Signal To Noise Ratio, T-Test, Multiple Linear Regression, Support Vector Machine, K Nearest Neighbour, Weighted K Nearest Neighbour, Multi-Layer Perceptron, Radial Basis Function, Evolving Classification Function and Evolving Clustering Method for Classification.

Best combination of genes.
fig3. Best combination of genes


The software presented here represents a novel and comprehensive approach to modeling and visualising gene expression data. It also provides a concise method of viewing results. Further work in this environment will include the application of Evolutionary Computation for the optimisation of ECOS modeling procedures.


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