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Neuro-Computing and Evolving Intelligence 2004

13-15 December 2004, AUT Technology Park, Auckland, New Zealand 3rd Conference on Neuro-Computing and Evolving Intelligence (NCEI’04) dedicated to the memory of John Von Neumann and John Atanasoff

NCEI'04 is held in honour of John Von Neumann and John Atanasoff, the founders and pioneers of modern computer science. The conference is organized and sponsored by the Knowledge Engineering and Discovery Research Institute (KEDRI), Auckland University of Technology, the Foundation for Research Science and Technology (FRST).

Conference Chair: Prof Nik Kasabov, Director of KEDRI
Programme Chair: Dr Zeke S. H. Chan, KEDRI 

Objective: Neuro-Computing (NC) is an area of computer science and engineering concerned with the development, implementation, realisation and application of computational models that mimic the brain in its main functions of adaptive learning, predictive generalisation, and knowledge discovery. Applications span across all disciplines of Science, Business, Engineering, Medicine, Health, Environment, Social Sciences.

The emphasis of the Conference will be on the methods and systems that enable the creation of evolving intelligence (EI), i.e. information systems that develop, unfold and evolve their structure and functionality over time through interaction with the environment. They evolve their “intelligence” through learning and interaction.

The three days event will include oral presentations, poster presentations and various demonstrations of neurocomputing systems for bioinformatics and biomedical applications; brain study and cognitive engineering, agriculture, environment, decision support, speech recognition and language processing, image and video processing, multi-modal information processing, process control. NeuCom2004, a comprehensive connectionist-based knowledge engineering and discovery environment, developed as part of a NERF grant, will be released for educational and commercial applications.

Venue: Auckland is regularly voted one of the best lifestyle cities in the world. Your on-the-water experience in the City of Sails could be as thrilling as a race on board a grand prix racing yacht, or as laid-back as a ferry cruise to one of the dozen idyllic islands. Built on an isthmus of 48 volcanoes, Auckland's fertile valleys and islands are home to award-winning wineries. Family attractions abound and the city has plenty of adrenaline for adventure lovers.

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